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Consultation - This is where we aim to understand your objectives, not only for the project, but for your brand as a whole. We're more than happy to Zoom, call or email or even meet for a coffee and a slice of something tasty!

Creative - Preparation is everything. It may be in the form of shot lists, storyboards, written document or all of the above and then finally, a creative brief.

Production - This is where your project comes to life. Once the creative brief has been checked and signed off by you, we begin to plan and schedule dates for shooting/editing. During the entire process we keep you updated on any decisions, ideas or changes we make so we're always on the same page.

DeliveryMaking sure the project is delivered on time, in the correct format and without any complications is crucial to SSP whether it be for YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram or what ever platform the content is for. Once this is complete, the content is yours to enjoy!

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